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Know the Different Types of Pockets in Coveralls.

Industry wearables are made from various fabrics, treated with various chemicals to make them safe. Depending on the threat that the employees may be exposed to, the overall fabrics are made fire resistance, anti-static, anti-microbial, acid resistant or slip resistant or any other treatment is done to the fabrics to make them personal protective wear for the employees.

The sole aim of the overalls is to make working in an exposed environment safe, hazard-free by providing protection and ease to the labors. When labor is comfortable in the working environment, the efficiency increases and the labor satisfaction at work increases too.

Keeping in mind the worker's safety and convenience, the overalls were specially designed by giving them different features and making them in different sizes, in a combination of fabrics and making them easy to wash and carry. Another attempt in making the overalls more convenient was by sewing in different types of pockets to the coveralls. This attempt made by some overall manufacturers has been accepted by open arms in the industry.

When a worker is working on the shop floor, there are different tools and accessories that the worker needs to carry. There can be gloves, waste clothes, some bottle of oil or chemical, tools, nuts and bolts, walkie-talkies, and other tools or safety gears that the worker needs time to time.

Having a utility pocket in the overalls to carry all these tools is the best option for the workers. Here's a list of some of the types of pockets which are sewed to the coveralls to make them more useful:

  1. Utility pockets: On the shop floor, the worker needs to carry tools like nuts, pliers, strippers, scrapers, and pin vises of various styles. The pockets are so made that all there are specific compartments to keep the tools, and the utility instruments fit in the pockets. Having pockets reduces the to and fro time from the shop floor and where the tools need to be used. It is very convenient for the workers, and the job is less tiring for them.
  2. Mechanic's pocket: Some labors have a different task to accomplish. Tools can be kept in a very systematic manner in the pockets which are generally protruding out of the coveralls. These are like extensions to the coveralls which make it very easy for the worker to find them and operate. These pockets can be externally added or directly sewed to the coveralls. If these pockets can be attached externally, they have adjustable straps, which allow the worker to either tie them around the waist or to carry them on their shoulder.
  3. Bucket pockets: A bucket pocket is a pocket sewed to the workwear which offers ample space to store and carry any tools or anything that the worker might need while working. The pockets can be used to carry some products from the workstation back to the storage. The bucket pockets are majorly projecting outside and have a draped silhouette to carry things. Handwarmer pockets: In some workstations, the temperatures can be really low. To keep the workers warm, the safety coveralls are made of insulating materials and the workers are provided with gloves too, but all the tasks cannot be done wearing gloves. In such circumstances, hand warmer pockets are stitched to the protective suits. These pockets are made of warm fabrics which give warmth to the hands in low temperatures. \
  4. Transparent id pockets: These pockets made to the coveralls are very convenient for the workers to store their ids. With these id card holder pockets, the workers and their departments can be easily identified by the supervisors.
  5. Epaulette Pocket: This pocket doesn't appear very apparently on the overall. The epaulet pockets are mostly hidden inseam pocket mostly set close to the shoulder. The word epaulet means a shoulder ornament justifies the place it has on the coverall suits.
  6. Walkie-talkie pockets: Walkie -talkies are a must in industries where the workshop is spread across a great land especially in mining industries. There are pockets made for such workers to keep them at a point where they can easily communicate with each other.
  7. Radio pocket with mic loops: Similar to walkie-talkies, there are pockets designed especially to keep the pocket radio and a mic can be suspended which facilitates communication.
  8. Kangaroo pockets: The kangaroo pockets are A wide patch pocket split into two by a stitch line mostly patched in front on the chest. These pockets can fit into objects and tools in the boiler suits.  
  9. Hidden inseam: This type of pocket has a curved appearance which is hidden under the coverall. This pocket is a common type of pocket in many jackets allowing the worker to place things that won't be seen from the appearance.
  10. Cargo pockets: These pockets are similar to the mechanic's pockets. These are usually below the belt area. These pockets resemble the way denim and cargo pants have substantial baggy pockets.

Each of the above-mentioned pockets facilitates the workers differently. Best Marines has a collection of coveralls with different types of pockets, and you can choose the one which is most suitable and convenient for your workers. These pockets can also be custom made to the kind of safety coverall that you need for safety.