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Industrial Designer Safety Shoes

Most of the physical work is done standing on your feet, and if your footwear is not comfortable and tough, it can affect your performance and productivity. Having a customized pair of industrial shoes is essential to keep you active on your feet all day and fulfill your work commitments.

Companies like 3M, Ansell, Uvex, and Honeywell are big names in the business of personal protective gear and safety shoes, and you can avail their wide variety of protective coveralls and safety shoes online from Best Marine.

At times though, even the best quality work shoes don’t guarantee a perfect fit and complete usability. This is why it makes sense to customize and personalize safety footwear to your precise needs.

Custom work boots don’t just guarantee a snug fit, but they also promise superior comfort and can even be manufactured according to your color choices. Right from deciding if you need a steel toe or a composite toe, to opting for slip resistance or an extra metal shank, you are at complete liberty to design your own pair of safety work boots.

There are many manufacturers who even custom make your safety shoes for you. In that case, the entire process starts with having an initial discussion to understand your needs and preferences. They take into account basic factors like the duration you wear the shoes for, amount of activity involved, flexibility required, and so on. Then, the designers put in their inputs and provide you with sample designs which incorporate all the requisite safety criteria. Once that is done, the search begins to find the appropriate safety materials for your shoes. The prototypes thus formed undergo rigorous testing and need to pass all stress and pressure tests before they get the stamp of approval. As such, the making of a completely customized pair of safety boots is a detailed and careful process that leaves no stone unturned to supply you with the best industrial shoes.

Although these shoes are majorly concerned with safety, a lot of manufacturers also add a touch of style and fashion to complement the comfort, thus making industrial designer shoes available to employees. There are quite a lot of features that can be tweaked to your advantage while customizing safety footwear. Listed below are some of the desired customizations in work boots:

  • Size – Size is a major issue while selecting a pair of safety work boots. While there are a lot of sizes available, there are times when the length of a particular footwear may be right but it may be wrong in width or vice versa. Add to this the fact that most boots are only available in regular and wide size options; getting the perfect fit just got a whole lot tougher! In hazardous work environments, having a shoe that is too tight or too loose could compromise your safety. Hence, customizing your footwear according to your foot movements, flexibility, and breathability, is essential.    
  • Laces and strappings – Depending on your comfort level you could choose either doubly reinforced lacings, or could opt for the smart, easy and comfortable Velcro strappings.
  • Additional protective features – You could add a steel toe if you’re working at a construction site, or a composite toe to avoid metal detectors going off. You can revamp your boots with tough leather exteriors and even add a metal shank for penetration resistance. Slip-resistant shoes can also be combined with Thinsulate insulation to keep your feet warm and dry. Even including an additional padding below the lace and a spare pocket for a knife are some of the many customizations and add-ons you can make to your shoes.
  • Colors – If your company has a color code or a logo, work shoe manufacturers can even incorporate your company colors and designs on your safety footwear.
  • Aesthetics – As long as you’re customizing your work shoes for safety, you might as well include any designs or patterns you may want. From color choices to unique design patterns to superb finishing, you can get your work boots to look just how you want.
  • Fitting – Last but certainly not the least, having a tailor-made boot ensures maximum comfort and a snug fit. Right from incorporating the right kind of textures and materials you need, to providing the perfect insulation and breathability, customized boots are the best way to ensure a perfect fit.

Designer industrial footwear is here to stay as it offers the perfect combination of safe, comfortable industrial shoes with sleek and smart designs. You can contact Best marine for their high quality personal protective wear online at and avail Velcro safety shoes as well as customized workwear incorporated with reflective tapes.