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Safety Shoes for every office Attire

Nobody prefers to step out of the house without footwear. It is an essential part of our day to day lives, be it sandals, shoes, slippers or any other type, they have today become a basic need in everyone's routine. Not only do people wear footwear while going out of the house but also when they are inside it, such as the importance of this wearable. As we have progressed together as a society, footwear has evolved today. It is no longer seen as something that is used to protect your feet but has also transcended to become a style quotient. People are conscious about what they wear, and there have been studies to show how the type of footwear you wear is linked to your personality.

It might be the most common thing that is taken for granted but wearing shoes to work came around as one of the significant safety measures over the decades of the industrial revolution. Shoes are a must today even in corporate offices so wearing them in an industrial setting is an obvious requirement. Safety shows by Best Marine focus on the two most essential aspects viz., Safety and comfort. The primary focus of this category of safety shoes is that they are made to go you're your formal attire.

Management level employees are frequently required to visit a factory site or a warehouse. These employees, in their corporate offices usually dress up in clean, crisp business wear and they have also to make an in-person visit to sites that feature workplace hazards like the usage of forklifts, uneven terrain & heavy machinery. These issues are addressed by the safety shoes offered by Best Marine.  Following are the different styles available equally for both men and women to help in the smooth transition from the desk to the warehouse with minimal hassle.

For Men:

  1. Athletic: Safety shoes that resemble the look of an athletic sneaker type are a typically perfect solution for both the office and industrial site. Also, if walking over long distances is required, this style is perfect for use. The most common technique would be to prefer a black shoe with a composite plate, aluminum toe & shock resistant feature. This shoe should have forefoot pads and a rubber heel which will provide maximum comfort – and keep you balanced even on uneven terrain. To help retain moisture at bay prefer a show with moisture absorbing technology, breathable microfiber, and micro-mesh build.
  2. Dress Shoe: If Oxford shoes are your preferred type over athletic shoes then a safety shoe designed in this style is right up your alley. These dress shoes may appear to be casual shoes, but in fact, they are complete with anti-slip technology and steel toe reinforcement.
  3. Slip-On: This a work boot style completely fulfilled with comfort and style that is widely appreciated and is your perfect option while going from office to the warehouse. A suggestion would be to preferably get a safety shoe with a gel footbed and heel pad, anti-microbial technology to fight odor and fungus and shock absorption as well.


  1. Ankle boots: A type that rises to the ankle length and is equipped with a steel toe and composite plate for style as well as protection.
  2. Dress Shoe: If the work is located in a high static environment it is advised to opt for a pair of shoes which are anti-static and have a feature of a lightweight dual-density polyurethane sole to provide maximum effort. This is a style that is widely recognized as complementary to office wear.
  3. Sport-casual: A casual and sporty chic-looking shoe which is equipped with toes of steel and static dissipative material with anti-slip technology that is perfect for uneven industrial sites and slick shop floors. These shoes provide the same type of comfort that one seeks in casual party wear shoes and are designed in a such a way that none of your co-workers would recognize the difference between safety shoes and casual shoes.
  4. Athletic: These are flexible, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, sporting a look of athletic-style and well equipped with the composite toe as well as the composite plate. The plus points of this type are that you get an additional benefit of electric shock resistance and moisture absorbing nylon mesh.
  5. Tall boots: This type contains safety shoes that come in a variety of tall boots. They are stylish with breathable lining feature and moisture-wicking technology that restricts and eliminates the possibility of sweat. If the work takes you to an oil refinery, then it is advised to go for boots that are slip and oil resistant.