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Color Codes and Color Ranges for Coveralls

Colors in various uniforms and dress codes play a significant role in identifying the position, the work and the responsibility of the professional. When you see someone wearing a white apron, you can readily recognize that the person is a doctor. You will never get confused between a nurse and a doctor because of the color code and the dress code.

There are dress codes and color codes for PPE clothing in several fields as well. Coverall suits create a significant base for such protective workwear. These boilers suits come in various colors. Colors have a huge impact on the human mind. In any manufacturing industry or a construction site, color-coded personal protective workwear indicates the rank of the person wearing it. It also increases the level of safety needed as denoted by every color.

Reasons to use different colors for coveralls:

The main reason to use to use different colors for overalls is that the top of the color on the work field ensures that the workers are visible at all times and are safe from any possible mishap due to their invisibility if not in the colored coveralls.

Other various factors include:

  • Just like while playing any sport, the jersey color helps the players distinguish between their teammate and opponent, color codes in the workwear is made it easy for a new employee to adapt to. The new employee once told about the color codes and its significance can quickly identify his superiors, subordinates, and colleagues.

  • To differentiate hierarchy: The multiple colors in the workwear determine the hierarchy of the wearer. The colors are used to determine the level of safety that is required in the work field. Every color denotes a specific warning for every possible mishap it is associated with.

  • The psychology of colors: Colors play a major role in the psychology of a human mind. It has the power to attract people's attention to itself. This, in turn, helps in the marketing and promotion of the PPE workwear. Consider for example that the color blue denotes trust and responsibility. Therefore, a mechanic or a plumber will always wear blue colored coveralls; this helps in gaining the instant trust from their clients. Similarly, the color red symbolizes energy and positivity, and hence it is usually used by the hospitality industry; however red also denotes caution for fire.

  • Branding: Some brands are co-related with the colors of their PPE workwear that they manufacture. It is very easy for people to recognize a particular brand based on the type and the color of their clothing. A colored coverall has also branded its connection with the colors making it easier for people to understand what exactly the nature of their work is. Consider for an instance, the workforce on the construction site will wear either orange or yellow overalls as firstly they create visibility of the workers even in the darker areas and second the color in itself is proclaimed colors for the construction workers.

  • Daytime Visibility: The most important reason to wear color-coded boiler suits is that it increases the visibility of the wearer during the daytime as well. The reflective stripes on the High-Visibility ensure the same. The colors used for these PPE clothing are usually lime, green, yellow, orange or any color in the fluorescent family that is visible in the daytime.

It is imperative for the workers to be visible to avoid the possible harm such as getting locked out or run by a speeding car because of the lack of color on their coverall suits.

The ANSI-ISEA 107 has clearly stated that the acceptable visibility must occur during the daytime. But the coveralls should also be worn keeping in mind the area the workers are working in. As one should avoid wearing red or orange Hi-Vis clothing in the area where there is heavy machinery or barrels with the same colors.

Few of the color codes for the PPE are:

  • Red: Red is used to denote caution for fire. Flammable boxes, alarm, etc. have red in them to denote caution.
  • Yellow: Usually used at a construction site, yellow denotes heavy machinery; physical hazard, etc. yellow coveralls are usually used by construction workers.
  • Blue: Blue denotes repair work for any damage. Therefore, any mechanic, plumber or electrician will usually wear blue colored coveralls.

Best Marine realizes the color psychology and pays keen attention to the color of the workwear. Many industries have started following these color codes and this has had a great impact on the market of PPE clothing. The high visibility coveralls ensure that the workers are visible at all times on the work field. The colored coveralls are coordinated with various work fields making it easier for people to relate to that particular field of work. The code of colors is fixed and generalized all over. One of the most important reasons to use colored boiler suits is that it avoids the danger of getting the workers camouflaged with the machinery that can lead to any life-threatening mishaps.