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Industries Choice of Safety Gear Supply

We are delighted to announce that Best Marine participated in the Industry Fair on Friday, April 20th; and has been recognized and awarded for being the Best Safety Gear providers in India. The award ceremony was held in Goa with 70 companies participating. Every year the Industry Fair selects a company that has demonstrated excellence in safeguarding people at their workplace.

Being true to our ideals, we strive to innovate the best safety gear for workers. We’re constantly growing as a brand. As we continue to develop our products using the latest technologies, it enables us to craft and design types of equipment to provide maximum protection and comfort while at work.

We understand the competitiveness and the challenges of this industry and constantly bring forward solutions seeking to improve business standards and maintain quality. With our range of products like coveralls, safety helmets, safety gloves, eye protection, ear protection, safety harnesses, uniforms, boiler suits, safety footwear, or sports protection, we want to offer our customers no less than protection, integrity, innovation and outstanding quality. This award that we have received from such renowned institution is a confirmation that we are hitting the mark and are right on track.

With our knowledge and expertise, we help you choose the right products and keep our clients updated about the changes in regulations and standards which could impact our products. At Best Marine, we work hard to deliver the most effective and best PPE solutions available to protect the health and safety of the workers in all types of industries and sectors. Our passion to make this world a safe and better place drives us to continually innovate and invent across disciplines, technologies, and industries. We push and work hard every single day to design comfortable, well-designed personal protective equipment and deliver the best to you.

We are honored to receive this recognition to demonstrate outstanding safety performance and plan to continue being among the best and safest PPE providers in the industry. By sharing this information and celebrating our success, we encourage businesses from all around the world to build a safer world and place employees’ health and safety at the heart of their business