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Cruise Ship Staff and Epaulettes on their Work Wear, their Significance and Denotations

Uniforms give a sense of pride to the wearer. Initially, not all the officers from the merchant navy were required to wear a uniform. Uniforms came into popular culture when the ships began taking passengers along. The officers and the cruise staff started wearing uniforms to help identify the crew from the passengers. The epaulettes and the stripes on it denote the rank of the officer and the crew member.

The epaulettes are the type of shoulder piece used to determine the rank and the position of any officer in the force. The merchant navy also uses the same to denote the rank of officer on the cruise ship. The epaulette worn by the merchant navy officers have black color in the background with yellow or golden stripes over it as per the rank specified for it.

Specifications of the epaulettes:

The stripes worn on the epaulettes denote the rank and the nature of work of that particular officer on a cruise ship. The number of stripes on the epaulettes tells the rank of the officer; the higher the number of stripes, higher is the rank of that officer on the cruise ship. The epaulettes in the merchant navy have different and recognized designs for all the officers of different ranking.

When it comes to Cruise or Navy, there are various epaulettes that are worn by the staff. These epaulettes are a part of the coveralls and an integral part of the workwear. There are some of the epaulettes and their significance and denotion:

  • Epaulettes with four stripes: The epaulette with four stripes is worn by the Captain of the ship. The Captain is of the highest rank of the cruise ship and hence has an epaulette with four stripes. Chief Engineer, hotel manager, staff captain and staff chef engineer have a badge with four stripes on it. Four golden stripes on an epaulette denote that the person wearing it is of the highest rank on the ship. It also determines the nature of work of that officer.
  • Three stripes: A/C engineer, casino manager, guests relation manager, doctor, Chief Housekeeper wears an epaulette with three stripes on it.
  • Two and a half stripes: Nurse, assistant food manager, third engineer, assistant chief housekeeper, sous chef, second officer etc wears an epaulette with two and a half stripes.
  • Two stripes: second deck officer, second engineer officer, second purser are the people wearing the epaulettes with two stripes.
  • One and a half stripe: the third purser wears a uniform with epaulette that has one and a half stripe on it.
  • One stripe: Cadet, fourth deck officer, petty officer etc have an epaulette with one stripe on it.

Customization of the uniform epaulettes:

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