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Anti - Slip Footwear : Use of Slip Resistant Shoes in the Industry

Footwear is an important part of any attire at work. Just like our body needs safety garments, our feet need protection too. Accidents and injuries due to slipping and tripping are a common occurrence in restaurants, construction sites, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing and many such industries. Other than the physical pain and bruising, workplace injuries could also cause a severe financial strain in terms of the recuperation cost and may result in the disruption of the work process.

To avoid these slip and fall accidents, employees in most workplaces are required to wear safety boots to work. These form a part of the personal protective gear of the workforce and provide sufficient protection from occupational hazards. Slip-resistant shoes or anti-slip shoes are well suited for all kinds of slippery, oily, and wet surfaces. They have deeper tread designs which create higher friction and allow a better grip on the surface, thus preventing falls.

Generally, industrial shoes which have a wider interlocked grid pattern are much more slip resistant than regular work shoes. This is because the grid-like tread pattern allows the liquid to flow away through the gap between the outsole and the surface of the floor, which, in turn, plants your feet firmly on the ground and prevents slipping. On the other hand, ordinary shoes are either completely flat or have such a close-knit tread pattern, that the liquid or grease is trapped below the shoes and can't escape. This is what usually results in a slip and fall incident. Thus, safety work boots that avoid falls and accidents by slippage are an indispensable part of PPE workwear.

There is a variety of safety footwear gear available in the market. You can even buy safety shoes online from vendors like Best Marine who cater to a wide range of personal protective equipment needs, including some of the best safety shoes and footwear in the market.

Anti-slip shoes are designed keeping 3 main characteristics in mind. They are as follows:

  1. Tread pattern – A deeper tread and a wider grid pattern goes a long way in increasing the grip of the safety shoes and allows higher traction with the surface. Anti-slip shoes don't have an enclosed grid structure which traps the liquid and creates a barrier between the shoes and the surface. Instead, their broad tread patterns usually have a larger surface area to promote higher contact with the floor surface which increases slip resistance.
  2. The material used – Rubber is commonly used on the soles of work boots as it is a soft material with a powerful grip. This makes it a perfect fit for all kinds of greasy and oily surfaces or even hardwood flooring. As opposed to a harder material, rubber's softness improves traction and is better capable of gripping the floor tightly.
  3. Comfort and durability – As these safety work boots are to be worn for long hours; they offer a flexible, snug fit and are usually lightweight. They're also built to be long-lasting and are available in all kinds of styles and colours.

SFC (Shoes for Crews) is widely known for their superior quality slip resistant safety shoes. They have formulated a special compound that they coat their shoe soles with, which gives them a powerful grip even in extremely slippery and dangerous conditions. With their exclusive, highly effective, and patented slip resistance technology, SFC's nonslip shoes are comfortable and extremely safe. Their shoes are:

  • Waterproof – Water and liquid are resistant to keep the feet dry.
  • Lightweight – Ensures that the wearer doesn't suffer leg or knee pain due to lugging around heavy boots.
  • Spill-proof – Offers protection from hot oil spills and chemicals.
  • Comfortable – Highly ventilated which allows the feet to breathe.
  • Durable – Long lasting, high-quality shoes for long working hours.

This is what makes them the premium manufactures of slip resistant shoes worldwide.

Anti-slip shoes are a must in extreme weather conditions, slippery and greasy workplaces, as well as difficult working environments. Equipping your employees with non-slip shoes is vital for their safety, and in order to avoid workplace accidents. This kind of PPE workwear not only safeguards your employees but also helps in avoiding mishaps and workflow disruptions which could result in massive losses. As an employee working in wet and cold climatic conditions or dangerous wet, oily surfaces, you must protect yourself by wearing the anti-slip shoes to work daily.

You can avail some of the best safety shoes and PPE safety clothing by getting in touch with popular vendors such as Best Marine on Their Ansell workwear and safety work boots provide optimum protection and meet all industry standards to ensure your safety.