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The Right Sizes of Coveralls Make a Huge Difference

The most common misconception in the industry was that a coverall is a piece of clothing that needs to be worn during working and ‘the one fits all' approach can suffice the needs for coveralls in all industries. Breaking this myth, Companies like Best Marine established that, every industry has different workspaces and different working conditions and thus is exposed to different types of hazards. To combat unforeseen situations, thus the workers need different protection and therefore require different types of protective workwear.

The workforce which works on each workstation is clad with designer coveralls which act as personal protective clothing and helps the workers to sustain in any mishap. The boiler suits come in different colors depicting the designation of the worker defined according to the hierarchy and various departments of workers. The coveralls are made from different fabrics like fire resistant, anti-pilling, anti-microbial, anti-static, water repellent, and other fabrics which are suitable for the hazards that can be specific to the industry.

Apart from fabrics, the coveralls are designed with different pockets. For a worker, a pocketed coverall suit is the best option because a worker needs his tools while working and carrying them becomes a challenge. All the protective suits are designed keeping in mind the nature of work the worker's going to do and also the activities he is going to be involved in while working on the floor. Different pockets are sewed to the coverall to make sure that the workwear has high utility and facilitates the worker in every way possible.

Companies catering to the workwear needs in the industry realized that it is not only the pockets and the fabrics that give the worker comfort, it is also the size of the coverall that needs to be paid attention to while designing them. Best Marines employed a special team to manufacture customizable coveralls. Everything right from the size to the color, from the epaulets to the fabric can be customized.

The primary objective of making workwear is to make the worker comfortable in his skin and increase the productivity of the workers. And what better comfort than a seamlessly fitting workwear? Nothing! Right?

Well, boiler suits that fit just right, no sleeves coming in the way of working or workwear that is of the appropriate size while working in a place that is not flooded by water gives utmost comfort. The size of the coverall can be customized to make them all the more comfortable. A size guide for making the right fit coveralls:

  • It should be duly noted that the small size in India and the Small size in the UK will not be the same. Thus, the sizes should adhere to the standard sizes defined by the size charts in India, UK, Danish, US. Apart from mentioning the size in the size chart, the chest, height, collar, sleeves measurements should also be mentioned in inches. These sizes need to be considered while ordering as well as making the industrial overalls.
  • Other comforting elements: While manufacturing PPE clothing, it is important to give all kind of comfort there. Customization is the highest form of comfort that can be offered to the wearer. Coveralls being workwear on critical places like a shop floor or where the smallest of discomfort and the minutes of inconvenience can lead to a lethal mishap. A custom size in protective suit can be very easy to wear and comfortable to operate in. The elements that add customization to the protective suit are:
  • Two way zipper: A Two way Zipper can attack or detach certain parts of the suit. The sleeves, the hoods, helmet holders can be attached or detached using a two way zipper.
  • Double Velcro fastening for ranks: In certain occasions, the epaulets denoting the ranks seem unnecessary. Fastening them with a double velcro on the coverall makes it easy to put and remove them as and when required.
  • Adjustable Leg Width: Boiler suits with Adjustable leg width are highly preferred. The freedom to adjust the leg width gives a lot of comfort to the worker. This also means that the workers with the same body structure but different heights can interchange their coveralls.
  • Adjustable cuffs: The cuffs if can be adjusted according to the comfort of the wearer become very comfortable. The worker can tighten or loosen the cuffs at his will. Most workers like wearing boiler suits with adjustable cuffs.

Customization of the coveralls by making them in different sizes is the key to comfort and durability. The adjustable elements in the coverall make them all the handier and increase their utility. Best Marine is setting foot in the personalized boiler suits industry with its impeccable designs and superior quality. Find the customized collection in all sizes at