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Industrial Designer Boilers Suit: Answering All The What's and Why's.

The origins of a boiler suit can be traced back to the workers in the coal-fired boilers on the steam locomotive at the start of the Industrial Revolution. They had to use this garment while cleaning the firebox because they had to climb through the small fire hole. This one-piece suit prevented sagging in and out. Additionally, it also prevented the messy soot from coming in contact with the skin.  Apart from this, the boiler suits were used in the military as a part of uniform during world wars. However, with the changing fashion in the modern world after the 1950s, the boiler suit is now restricted as work clothing.

A Boiler suit is a type of Coverall which is most common in a majority of the industrial sectors, right across the verticals such as mining, construction, hospitality, transportation, etc. Any factory or production facility that deals with manufacturing has specific departments where heat treatment is a primary task and other allied activities are performed with the help of temperature controlled procedures. These departments need garments that can help people in carrying out the required tasks with ease and comfort along with the necessary protection which is a fundamental requirement in such a harsh working environment. Boiler suits are the perfect fit for such work nature we're dealing with extreme temperatures is a pre-requisite.

A boiler suit is defined as:

  • A head-to-toe garment which is a one-piece fabric with full-length sleeves and legs that resemble a jumpsuit.
  • Its most important feature as no gap between trousers and the jacket with no loose tails on it.
  • The essential function that this type of design provides is that no foreign particles which can prove to be harmful or can cause discomfort while working cannot enter inside through loose holes.

Here are some reasons why a boiler suit is useful are:

  • A boiler suit keeps the workers safe from spillage and dirt.
  • They are very comfortable and do not ride up when used while working. This, in turn, makes a person concentrate on work at hand without any hassle of having to worry about his/her clothes.
  • They restrict any dirt from reaching the section between your shirts and trousers.
  • They act as a protective covering while working as they can help in fighting of sparks that fly while welding from coming in contact with the skin.

Best Marine is a provider of boiler suits to fulfill this demand by offering exceptional quality and highly customizable varieties in this section of Industrial overalls for the protective wear segment. Customization is an essential component when Boiler suits are considered as there are various departments in a factory or organization where many heat treatment activities are carried out in different departments, so to distinguish between the people and their respective departments' colors can be chosen as a differentiation factor. Also, in Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) this color scheme can be used to separate the 1st year students from the 2nd year students.

Customization is also provided concerning types of pockets and placements of these pockets, the position of the reflective tapes, colors, branding, fabric, Velcro, and zippers. The most common colors in which these are available are orange, blue, green, etc., however, navy blue or blue being the most common amongst all. Navy blue is the most preferred color by many professionals as it helps in camouflaging the dirt. Boiler suits that are flame retardant are made out of cotton and are specifically treated chemically to enhance their fire-resistant capacities. The waterproof type is preferred for rainy days or for people who are in search of waterproof coveralls.

There are three types of styles that are popular in boiler suits, namely:

  1. Stud front boiler
  2. Zip front overall
  3. The Regular Boiler

It is essential to choose the correct size of a boiler suit that fits your body perfectly; the options provided by Best Marine cover all size variants, helping you to satisfy your needs. The primary thing to keep in mind while choosing the perfect fit is that it should be sized ‘to fit chest size' as there should be no gap present, this means you need to measure your chest size over a thin shirt, and this is the size that should be noted. The final size that you get takes into account your undergarments that are to be worn.

Industry standards are stringently maintained to make sure that boiler suits are suitable for use as they are one of the most important industrial protective wear which is widely used worldwide in all sectors which require the handling of tedious jobs and protecting your clothing, as well as your body, should not be cause for a headache.