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Different Brands of Boiler Suits

Several small and medium scale manufacturers dominate the global market of PPE clothing. 3M, Honeywell, Ansell are few of such established manufacturers of the protective clothing. The protective coveralls are usually very reasonable at a price as their primary purpose is to provide safety to the workforce. The industrial protective clothes are most important for the safety of the workforce as the safety and protection that they get from these suits enables them to perform well in their tasks.

There are several new entrants in the global PPE markets; Best Marines is one of it. Different brands have a variety of things to offer and have different USPs. Let's have a look at some of the big established brands in the sector:

  1. 3M: 3M has a wide range of products including boiler suits, protective eyewear, footwear, disposable respirators, etc. 3M has a strong line of disposable and reusable products making them easy to use.
  2. Ansell:  Ansell is a prominent manufacturer and seller of high-end PPE products. These workers are durable and are the protective solution for the workforce at any mining, chemical, and automotive industry. The military also uses Their safety coveralls.
  3. Honeywell: Honeywell is the significant and leading manufacturer of the PPE for electrical safety. They have various PPE products such as insulated boiler suits, rubber gloves, plastic cover-ups, electric boots, etc.
  4. Lindstrom Group: Lindstrom offers a wide range of protective wears to reduce accidents and road mishaps. Their PPE products are high end and durable for all seasons. The PPE portfolio includes products such as headgears, eye and face protection equipment, body protection suits, etc.
  5. Johnson safety products: Johnson safety products is an independent and the only manufacturer of the industrial head protection gears and above-the-neck PPE. They provide products like eye and face protection equipment, body PPE, respiratory protection, etc.

Best Marines is an emerging brand in the field of PPE clothing and protective workwear and accessories. Within a less span of time, Best Marine has captured the market owing to its undying efforts and constant support. Here are some reasons that make Best Marines stand out:

  • Best Marines produces the industrial safety workwears that are high quality and yet pocket-friendly. The material used in the coveralls and safety wears are very durable and thermal insulated making them the best choice for any PPE purchase.
  • Where there are big names like 3M and Honeywell manufacturing the PPE clothing and safety equipment; Best Marines offers the same products with even better quality at affordable rates. The safety wears come in different types and patterns as the necessity of that particular field.
  • Best Marines provides customized PPE clothing as per the requirement of the clients. With the big brands dominating the PPE market; Best Marines is establishing a healthy foot with their customer-centric approach. They provide customized industrial protective clothing and equipment as per the demand and necessity of the client. Best Marines is known for delivering products that not only safeguards your workforce but also provides them with comfort while wearing it.
  • Best Marines provides the PPE clothing with the same standards as that of 3M or Duport but with reasonable prices.
  • Best Marines is a grown Indian company and knows well the Indian market and hence have products suitable for Indian market needs. Their mantra is to safeguard the people at their workplace. Although they might be termed as new entrants to the industry, they have served for three long decades.
  • Best marines are always improving with the new and latest products as we are updated with the global market. This enables Best Marines to produce the products with the latest technology and efficiency.
  • The products are sustainable and are affordable to all. All the products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly process. Best Marines has varied and diverse products to offer in the PPE market. The portfolio includes a wide range of protective suits, coveralls, protective boots and eyewear, disposable respirators, safety helmets, jackets, rubber gloves to name a few
  • The materials used in all the products are high quality and durable. The products have ratchet suspension, 3M reflective tapes, thermal induced boiler suits, 2-way zippers, etc. and other such technology to make the PPE comfortable and durable to use.
  • Best Marines are just a click away! They have a robust online presence and a website well maintained from where you can order and find all their products. They provide quick delivery, and all their products are described and well showcased on their website.

Best Marines is one stop solutions if you are looking for the safety, protection, and comfort of your workforce. The vision of Best Marines is to make the world a better and safer place to live in where there is minimum room for "chance error." Best Marines is true to its vision and is providing the industrial safety wears to the global market making the work field a safer place to be at.