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Anti Static coveralls - An Industry Necessity

Electricity is an integral part of our daily life. But as useful and important as it is in today’s world, there are times when electric charge can be pretty disruptive too. When it comes to electronic devices, chemicals, paints, pharmaceuticals, solvents, and other processing equipment, even the smallest amount of static charge can cause major malfunctions and disasters.

Static charge is formed when two surfaces continuously rub against each other causing friction. This triboelectric effect results in a static discharge which clings to the object for a while before it dissipates naturally with the course of time. Human beings recognize electric current only when it crosses 3000 volts. A static charge of a relatively lower magnitude of say, 100-200 volts may well go unnoticed by us, but it has a drastic effect on electronic and industrial equipment and causes major degeneration and failures over the course of time. Static electricity can also create a tiny spark which, in a flammable environment is sufficient to cause major explosions. It is thus incredibly important to have some kind of protection or barrier against the static charge which protects sensitive equipment and allows the Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) to dissipate.

Static is conducted by a lot of materials including,

  • Air
  • Fur
  • Silk
  • Nylon
  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Rubber
  • Silicon
  • Human beings
  • Oil

Out of these, Oil is a major conductor of static discharge which is most capable of causing severe damage. As such, in industries dealing with flammable chemicals and oil solvents, as well as Oil and natural gas industries, electrostatic discharge may cause serious explosions and endanger lives. Thus, all personnel working in these sensitive industries need to equip themselves with personal protective clothing.

PPE workwear is made with the purpose of protecting the wearer from any harm that may come to him due to the effects of accumulating static discharge. Thus, in industries where the equipment and the personnel may suffer harm due to excessive ESD discharge, protective suits and anti-static overalls are a must. There are a number of companies who have started manufacturing anti-static coverall and ESD clothing in order to prevent static electricity from inflicting damage. Best Marine is one of the most reputable names in the world of protective clothing and provides effective headgear and safety coveralls to combat hazardous and sensitive work environments.

PPE clothing involves protective garments made up of conducting materials which distribute the static electricity through the fabric instead of letting it accumulate in one place. This static discharge is then safely dissipated to the ground through the clothing, thus creating a safe work environment.  PPE workwear and boiler suits are essential for protecting the wearer as well as his surrounding environment.

Anti-static fabrics usually include materials that have a much higher tensile strength which prevents the threads from breaking. Ordinary garment threads are prone to breakage which creates lint which in turn causes the build-up of static. Instead, the fabric threads stretch easily which is a big help in dissipating the static electricity effectively. Thus, there are 2 materials which are most preferred for manufacturing ESD clothing.

  1. Carbon threads
  2. Man-made Polyester (which doesn’t break easily)

Anti-static overalls usually have a grid-like stitched design to form an even network for the distribution of static discharge. This clothing completely covers your inner garments and also metallic surfaces, if any, to provide a complete barrier of protection. Other than coverall suits, companies even manufacture -

  1. ESD gloves
  2. Anti-static footwear
  3. ESD wristbands

Based on the area of work and the precautions required, any of the above can be used. Anti-static clothing finds applications in a variety of industries such as -

  1. Sensitive equipment manufacturing
  2. Specialized painting
  3. Medical community
  4. Oil and Natural Gas companies
  5. Soldering industries

PPE clothing has got to meet the certified safety standards and as a rule, it must be

  1. Comfortable - They should be comfortable as employees have to wear it for prolonged periods of time.
  2. Durable - They should last long so that they needn’t be replaced often.  
  3. Lightweight - They should be light in weight so that the wearer can move about freely and work comfortably wearing those clothes.
    1. Reusable - They should be easy to wash and reuse for daily wear. 
    A lot of vendors today even customize the safety clothing as needed by their clients. From vests to jackets, to gloves, to footwear, to wristbands, there’s something for everyone. Many industries today like to add personal touches to the workwear of their employees. So, a lot of the ESD clothing vendors offer the options of manufacturing in different colors, printing company logos, as well as the name of the employees on the fabrics. Anti-static material clothes are comfortable, customizable, and available in a variety of forms. There are a host of brands available in the market that are known for their high quality, effective and durable safety workwear. Following are some of the popular brands available who specialize in anti-static ESD clothing and personal protective wear -
    • Somerset ESD
    • Reeco workwear
    • JKL Clothing
    • Mewa Textile
    • Uvex Safety clothing
    • HB Protective wear

    You can approach any of these companies to find exactly what you’re looking for and get the best fit for your industry.

    Best Marine is yet another leading manufacturer of PPE workwear and safety coveralls. They supply everything from cold protection to eyewear, as well as safety boots and uniforms for day-to-day industry use. Their workwear is durable, high in quality, can safely withstand high-intensity environments and upholds safety regulation standards in hazardous zones. They are based out of Mumbai, and you can contact them at to meet your safety requirements.