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A shoe for Every Work Occasion and How to Choose the Right One

Feet are the most used organ of the body. It is a prime duty of every worker to take good care of his feet especially while on the work field. And what better way than using good quality PPE footwear. This means choosing the right kind of footwear for every work occasion.

Workplace foot hazards are very common, primarily where the workers are working on heavy machinery. Work practice, administrative control, and prior instructions are a few of the ways to curb any industrial mishaps. But using industrial shoes is the best way to protect oneself from any feet related accidents. Best Marines has a wide range of such safety boots for every work occasion where they are made with high-quality materials yet are available at an affordable price.

How to Choose:

Footwear must be chosen according to the field the worker is working at. For example, if a worker is working in a place where there are higher possibilities of heavy things falling, he should choose a steel toe work boots.

Safety footwear is an essential and integral part of every protective clothing range. A right kind of safety boots will always meet the standard specifications and requirements of ATSM F2413for the impact and compression resistance. A right PPE footwear is everything a worker could ask for protecting his feet and even more.

Following are the potential hazards that require PPE footwear:

  • Falling objects: if you work at a place where there are higher possibilities of falling objects, you will use work boots to protect your feet as per the requirement. There are shoes that come with a protective cap over the toe area. Traditionally these cappings were made from steel hence known as the steep cap boots, but these days they are also available in composite materials.
  • Electrical hazard: Any person working around circuits or high voltage areas have significant chances of getting their feet electrocuted. Safety electrical boots are an essential of a PPE workwear. To avoid accidents in this field, there is footwear manufactured with the electrical shock resistant sole and heels. The safety boots prevent the user from any potential electrocution.  
  • Explosives:  If a person works around any flammable substance or explosives, he is most likely to need the electrically conductive shoes. These work boots help prevent the static electricity to build up. This static electricity can quickly generate a spark that can cause an explosion or a fire. Anti-static shoes act as a precautionary measure.
  • Chainsaw: Wearing safety footwear while working on or around chainsaw or blades is a must. Cut resistance chainsaw boots can prevent serious injuries. These industrial shoes are made of specific shoe materials that act as a protective shield for your feet.
  • Cold: Thermally insulated boots are worn while working in cold and harsh weather conditions. If such insulated boots are not used in the cold conditions, there are higher possibilities of getting frostbite or other cold-related feet accidents.
  • Slippery surfaces: Anti-slip shoes are used and required in various industries. Such kind of work footwear is used in housekeeping industries, kitchen staff, factories, marine industries, etc. and the list goes on. The slip-resistant shoes come with a sole that reduces the slickness that causes the accidents or falls.

Various Industries that require Safety Footwear:

  • Construction: Any construction site is a place of a higher potential for catastrophic accidents and injuries. Wearing PPE safety gears is of the utmost importance. The safety footwear used is usually steel toe capped shoes. They should be durable and sustainable with a secure fit and ankle support.
  • Aviation: In an aviation industry the safety shoes used are made of the composite toe cap. They are required to be water resistant with a composite midsole.
  • Local authority: Any person in an authoritative position has a lot of field work and has to be on their feet for the majority of the time. The safety footwear should be durable, waterproof as well as comfortable to use.
  • Food and drink manufacturing: People working in the food and drink industry have to come across a lot of spillage and falling of objects. They also have to work in cold conditions. To meet the requirement for this industry, the safety work boots should be lightweight, waterproof with thermal insulation in the shoes. They are required to be anti-slip with a steel toe cap which can also be easily cleaned.
  • Public Transport: People working in public transportation service need shoes that are breathable, anti-static and lightweight.

Feet are the most ignored when it comes to safety but are the most critical body part that is to be protected. Best Marines have a wide range of safety work wear to offer. The industrial boots are made of high quality as per the new and updated requirements of various fields. Best Marines is neck to neck with the big global manufacturers like 3M and Honeywell to leave a mark on the safety industrial workwear market. The PPE workwear is an integral part of every industrial worker or a worker of any kind, and Best Marines does it the best when it comes to providing safety with comfort.