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When should we use Metatarsal Boots?

Foot injuries are the most prominent among all work zone accidents. Any work involving heavy objects, machinery, or sharp, piercing things is always a risky working environment. Our feet are very fragile and any injury sustained to the toes or the forefoot is likely to take days, weeks, or even months to recover from. In addition to this, there’s always the fear of lasting permanent damage. Thus, safety footwear is indispensable in hazardous work environments.

Metatarsal boots are one such type of safety shoes that are majorly used in workplaces like construction or mining sites where there is a constant danger of heavy objects falling on the feet. Even in welding/soldering industries, and chemical/solvent industries, metatarsal shoes provide protection against any falling embers and abrasive acid burns respectively.

Metatarsal boots are thus called, as they primarily provide protection to, and safeguard the top area of your foot between your toes and your ankle, called the ‘metatarsal’ part of the foot. This is one of the most sensitive areas of the foot as it has a very thin layer of skin and no fat to cushion it against heavy loads. Due to this, any injury to this part of the foot takes a lot of time to heal. Even the slightest pressure, or walking, or jogging, is enough to make it worse and result in serious fractures.

This is exactly why employers invest a lot in such personal protective gear for their staff. Best Marine is a renowned vendor of PPE workwear for a long time. It is an industry leader in supplying safety boots and other protective equipment that strictly adheres to the safety regulation standards. You can contact them at to avail some of the best metatarsal safety shoes online.

Metatarsal shoes are primarily made of any of the following materials:

  • Rubber – Due to its soft sole and firm grip, it does not only slip resistant but also shock resistant. A strong rubber sole provides the perfect strong base which protects you from below as well as above. Rubber is also light in weight which makes the work shoes easy to wear for long hours.
  • Leather – Owing to its tough exterior and anti-abrasive properties, leather provides an added protection against spills and acid burns. It is an extremely durable material, easy to maintain and is also water resistant.
  • Steel – Reinforcing safety work boots with steel adds another layer of protection against heavy falling objects. Steel toe tips form a protective covering on the top, whereas a bottom steel plate safeguards your foot against possible sharp blades. In addition to this, steel boots are relatively reasonable and easily available.
  • Fiberglass – Industrial shoes equipped with a fiberglass met guard are lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. This makes them more preferable than the heavy steel ones, especially for those who need to walk or run in their routine work.

Industrial shoes may be armored with different types of metatarsal guards to provide a comprehensive protection. Metatarsal guards can be of 3 types –

  1. External guard – Provides a much more solid, hefty protection, but makes the work boots look bulky and heavy. Recommended for extremely high- risk jobs involving heavyweights.
  2. Internal guard – Forms a more comfortable footwear, with the protective met guard placed just under the upper lining of the shoe. Makes the safety shoes sleeker and lighter.
  3. Composite guard – These work shoes include additional protective aluminum or steel toe caps along with the met guard for a more extensive protection.

Depending on the kind of work involved, you could choose the metatarsal guard most suitable for you. Metatarsal work boots have some of the best protections offered which make them mandatory for many workplaces. They are as follows:

  • Tough leather exterior – Provides maximum protection from heavy crushing objects as well as abrasive materials and burns.
  • Anti-slip rubber soles – Provides high traction which prevents slip-and-fall accidents and also makes the shoes flexible and shock resistant.
  • Steel/Aluminium soles – Toe caps add a second layer of protection against possible toe injuries.
  • Comfortable insoles – Makes the shoes more durable, and the cushioned inner surface is ideal for long working hours.
  • Waterproof and flame resistant – Most metatarsal boots are manufactured as heat and flame resistant, and are also waterproof and spill proof. This safeguards you from burns, chemicals, and hot oil spills.
  • Shock resistant – These safety boots can also be made to act as a barrier against high electric current and protect you from possible shocks and electrocutions.

Safety footwear like these are a must in most work areas. You can buy some of the best safety shoes from Ansell, 3m, Honeywell and many more by contacting Best marine who are eminent suppliers of safety gear in the market. Metatarsal injuries are capable of causing extreme and severe damage and are not to be taken lightly. Thus, every possible course of action must be taken to prevent such accidents in our day-to-day work.


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