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Suave Design

Design experts at Best Marine understand that in addition to the protection and safety aspect for all PPE, it is important that it also looks good on the person who is wearing it. At Best Marine, we strongly believe that Personal protective equipment should not only be as safe but also as good looking!

While poor design and uncomfortable look may not be an apparent reason for PPE noncompliance, it can still prove to have a bearing for the employee to use. We as human beings always have an urge to constantly look good no matter the situation we are in and hence sometimes it doesn’t matter how efficient it is, but also how much appealing it is for the workers.

Most of the workers are wearing exactly the same equipments on daily basis. Since the functionality of all PPE is to offer safety and security, we still strive towards a better design of it when it comes to comfort style and fitting. We look forward to designing and producing stylish PPE, keeping in mind the safety standards and considering the fact that every equipment is economically justified and also makes the workers look good, feel better, be comfortable and confident.

Our new line of PPE is designed to be lightweight and protective with affordable prices. We implement small design changes which reduces the labor cost and yet don’t compromise on the performance or safety standards.  We offer wide variety of options in each department that can be customized according to the customer’s specific needs. This service allows you to apply individual styling & design requirements to garments and various PPE products.